Partner With UConn

How your business can leverage these core UConn research and development assets:

  • World class faculty with specialized research expertise
  • State of the art equipment and laboratories
  • Academically talented and technically proficient students


Named Faculty Chair or Industry Sponsored Center

Multi-year grant commitment to conduct research in a specified area.

Sponsored Research

Contract directly with UConn to use our facilities and collaborate with our technical experts and students to achieve your scientific objective.

Senior Design Projects

Teams of undergraduate Engineering students embark on a one to two-semester program to address specific real-world engineering problems for industry partners.

Fee for Service

Industry partners utilize UConn services (eg, facilities, faculty, researchers) to identify and/or resolve a scientific problem.

Joint Proposals

Co-developed proposals submitted to government sponsors or foundations that are focused on key research questions.

Student Internships

Bring UConn students into your company for a fixed period of time to work alongside your staff.


SBIR partnerships or state financial incentive programs.


Funding for Technology Innovation and Development

Through UConn and in some instances in collaboration with UConn and other organizations and agencies, companies have the opportunity to source funding for technology innovation and development from an extensive set of resourceful programs.

Sources include:

$25 million Advanced Manufacturing Fund, administered through the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD).

$200 million Bioscience Innovation Fund, to develop collaborations with UConn faculty and industry partners that leverage external funds from federal agencies. Provides focused financial assistance to startups, early stage businesses, non-profits and accredited colleges and universities. Administered through Connecticut Innovations (CI).

$600,000 Technology Talent Bridge (TTB), a program that connects student interns with work on relevant projects and companies within the State of Connecticut. Administered through Connecticut Innovations (CI)

$1.5 million SBIR Support, available for small, high-tech Connecticut businesses seeking funding for R&D and commercialization. Administered through Connecticut Innovations(CI).

$1.5 million Small Business Innovation Research ACP Program, involving coordinating faculty experts to work with small businesses to develop joint project plans

$400,000 Innovation Challenge, to work with small companies to meet innovation opportunities established by anchor companies seeking to leverage the ongoing master agreements of UConn with major Connecticut companies. Administered by Connecticut Innovations (CI).

$500,000 Manufacturing Prototype Fund (currently under development), to support faculty and industry partners to develop advanced manufacturing technologies (devices, processes, etc.). Administered by Connecticut Innovations (CI).

$250,000 Manufacturing Technical Assistance Program (MTAP), a collaboration between the University of Connecticut and the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT), that is designed to spur innovation within the state’s manufacturing sector.

Eli Whitney Investment, to provide R&D support and research space to innovative companies receiving investment. Administered through Connecticut Innovations (CI).