Contact Information

Xu Chen

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Commercial Applications

Selective laser sintering (additive manufacturing)

Wafer scanners (semiconductor manufacturing system)

Active suspensions

Robotics and human-machine interactions

Nanometer-precision systems


  • System design and controls in additive manufacturing
  • Adaptive control and ultra high-precision servo
  • High-speed vision-based servo


Current Research Interest: controls in additive manufacturing, modeling and controls in data-rich environments, identification and model reduction, precision control and vibration rejection, human-machine interactions, robotics, fluid control.

Selected Past Projects: wafer scanners (manufacturing system), active suspensions, hard disk drives (nanometer-precision system), electrical power steering (transportation system), spacecraft attitude control, human-machine interactions, material processing.

Theories and Algorithms: loop shaping, adaptive control, data-driven modeling, optimization-based control, system identification, learning control and robust control, delay compensation


  1. Xu Chen, Wei Xi, Young-hoon Kim, and Kuang-Yang Tu. Methods for closed-loop compensation of ultra-high frequency disturbances in hard disk drives and hard disk drives utilizing same, US patent US8630059, January 14, 2014.
  2. Xu Chen, JianGuo Zhou, Wei Xi, Kuang-Yang Tu, and Guoxiao Guo. Disk drive filtering disturbance signal and error signal for adaptive feed-forward compensation, US patent US8922938, December 30, 2014.
  3. Minghui Zheng, Xu Chen, Haiming Wang, Young-Hoon Kim, Wei Xi, and Kuang-Yang Tu, Data storage device comprising slew rate anti-windup compensation for microactuator, US patent US9007714, April 14, 2015.
  4. Minghui Zheng, Xu Chen, Masayoshi Tomizuka, Wei Xi, Guoxiao Guo, Data storage devices and methods with frequency-shaped sliding mode control, U.S. patent pending, filed August 17, 2015.


PH.D. – UC BERKELEY (2013)

Major: Dynamic Systems and Controls; Minors: Optimization; Digital signal processing; Statistics.
Dissertation committee: Masayoshi Tomizuka, Roberto Horowitz, Andrew Packard, Murat Arcak

View More Experts: adaptive control and ultra high-precision servo, high-speed vision-based servo, machine learning, selective laser sintering, semiconductors, system design and controls in additive manufacturing