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UConn is home to some of the nation’s most energetic entrepreneurs and active researchers. Our entrepreneurial ecosystem provides comprehensive support to help promising student, faculty, and staff startups succeed.

Among U.S. News top 25 public universities, UConn's world-class research enterprise coupled with strengths in innovation and commercialization has advanced many promising startups towards the market.

Standout Startup


Bastion, a startup at the University of Connecticut, is tackling a major public health issue that doesn’t always get enough attention: men’s reproductive health. With a foundation in digital health innovations, Bastion offers the first at-home, comprehensive reproductive wellness solution for men. The company is on a quest to make men’s health and wellness accessible and comprehensive.

Bastion believes that their combination of at-home testing, access to doctors, lifestyle tracking and educational content can empower men to take control of their health on their own terms.

Men's Health Reimagined

Bastion is focused on a $4.1 billion market opportunity serving 14.5 million infertile and high-risk men in the US alone. Bastion is ready to become the leader in comprehensive reproductive wellness solutions for men by bringing together four core elements:

  • Virtual Care

  • Care Network

  • Diagnostics

  • Education

With the right ingredients – innovative academic technology, entrepreneurial training, and the right team – Bastion believes they are poised to revolutionize the men’s reproductive wellness space.


Bastion's UConn Story

In 2018, Bastion CEO Reza Amin was busy earning his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering UConn. At the same time, he formed Bastion (formerly QRfertile) to help other men take control of their reproductive health. With the support and funding from several UConn programs like the UConn Innovation Fund, the Third Bridge Grant Program, and the Wolff New Venture Competition, Amin and his team developed their technology. Located at UConn’s Technology Incubation Program (TIP) [link] on the UConn Health campus in Farmington, CT, the team has taken advantage of many of UConn’s entrepreneurship and innovation offerings, like guidance from UConn’s tech transfer and venture development experts, mentorship from entrepreneurs-in-resident, and participation in educational programs like the University’s NSF I-Corps site, Accelerate UConn, the CCEI Summer Fellowship, and Innovation Quest.

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