Summer Fellowship-Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is a University startup company? 

A: A UConn TIP startup company helps a discovery or innovation become the next new product or therapy.  There are more than 45 UConn TIP startup companies in UConn's Technology Incubation Program (TIP).  These companies are developing and commercializing new technologies in areas like diagnostics, digital health, medical devices, software, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and more. View TIP Companies. 


Q: What kind of research does a UConn TIP fellow do?
A: UConn-TIP fellows participate in mentored research with their host TIP company. The research could be in STEM or Business areas such as: Chemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology, bioengineering, computer sciences, marketing, accounting, planning, communications, and management


Q: What are the requirements to apply? 

  • Open to UConn undergraduate students, graduate students,  and recent graduates 
  • Any UConn Business or STEM major 
  • CT residency or US citizenship are not required


Q: Is this a paid fellowship?   

A: Yes, undergraduate students receive $4,000 and graduate students receive $5,000. 


Q: Are housing and/or meals provided? 

A: No, students are responsible for their own housing, meals, and transportation.  Some companies are based in Storrs and some are based in Farmington, accepted fellows should plan accordingly. 


Q: Can I pick the company I want to work with? 

A: Students can identify a company or companies they are interested in working with and while we try to accommodate those requests there is no guarantee.