Material Transfer Agreements

The use of material transfer agreements (MTAs) is widespread in today’s research and development environment for the transfer of chemical compounds and biological materials such as reagents, cell lines, plasmids, mice, etc.  MTAs are used for incoming materials into UConn/UConn Health, and outgoing materials from UConn/UConn Health. These agreements describe the terms under which UConn researchers and outside institutions may share materials, typically for research or evaluation purposes. Intellectual property rights can be endangered if materials are used without a proper MTA. Material transfers must be accompanied by a formal agreement that addresses a variety of issues including definition of the materials, ownership, licensing rights, publication, etc.




For materials going out of UConn/UConn Health

Ana Lena Fidantsef, PhD., MBA

For materials coming into UConn/UConn Health:


UConn Health SPS